What is Azure Citadel?

Azure Citadel is a community site that has been put together by some of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Architects in the UK One Commercial Partner team. The primary use case is for content that we can use with partners to accelerate their transformation.

Note that Azure Citadel is not an official Microsoft site. The site has a wide set of contributions including other technical contributors within Microsoft (within the UK and wider), as well as architects and consultants working at partners, and Azure enthusiasts from the wider public.

If you are interested in contributing yourself to Azure Citadel then take a look at our contributing page

There are videos for overviews and updates. There are foundational sessions for those starting their journey with Azure.There are labs (including multi-lab workshops) that go into technologies at a deeper level and are intended to effect a step change in partner understanding.

The content will often be geared towards the partner channel, to reinforce recommended architectural patterns and governance, create the technical understanding for new solutions and professional services engagements or guide the partner towards creating a centrally managed services that can be effectively leveraged for multiple customer opportunities. In that sense the content is there to help complement the excellent documentation found on the official Microsoft sites.

Many of the labs will also have a number of prereqs that you will need to meet before going through a lab. We believe that it is important to get your own environment set up for working effectively on Azure, and that also enables you to work through content at your own pace and then revisit it as it will all be local on your own machine. If you cannot meet the pre-reqs then the official Microsoft sites are recommended as they often have other mechanisms to get up to speed, such as the sandbox environments on Microsoft Learn and the demo environments spun up for the Hands On Labs.

Please note that as this is not an official Microsoft site, there is a standard MIT licence applied to all content. You will find the MIT licence in the repository and it is also stated in the disclaimer.