Operate at scale using scaffolding, infrastructure as code and scripting to automate

Cloud Native

Understand how to build cloud native, modern apps with containers, serverless & Kubernetes

Data & AI

Real world AI with cognitive services, bots data-analytics and machine learning


Build better software faster with DevOps practices; CI & CD pipelines, automation and infra as code


Core concepts for Azure and ecosystem tooling, configuration guidance, etc.


Virtual machines & networking are still the backbone of many cloud architectures

Internet Of Things

Build production-grade IoT applications and configure your IoT solution


Get yourself set up and ready to take on the labs


Securing your data & applications in the cloud. Managing access and identities with Azure AD

Specialised Workloads

Specialised topics such as SAP, HPC and other demanding enterprise workloads

Web & Mobile

Developing using web & mobile platforms using RESTful APIs. Azure platform services and API management


Collection of Azure related videos.