First things first. You will need an image of yourself. The image may be png or jpg, and must be square. Size is less important, but aim for a sensible resolution. Nothing pixellated or an unnecessarily high resolution.

The author pictures should be placed in /images/authors/.

Author info

Author info is added as a section in the YAML file /_data/authors.yml.

Copy the example block and then customise:

Dave Placeholder:
    name     : Dave Placeholder
    bio      : Goat Herder.<br/>Cheese, goats cheese, other types of cheese, mostly cheese
    avatar   : images/authors/dave.jpg
    email    :
    twitter  : Coffee_Dad
    github   : monsieurfromage
    linkedin : daveplaceholder
      - label: "Blogsite"
        icon : "fas fa-fw fa-link"
        url  : ""

Indentation is important with YAML.

Note that you can incorporate multiple website links. Just repeat the three lines and customise. The icon uses the free Font Awesome 5 set if you want to use something other than the link icon. Only link to blog sites particular to the author, rather than general company sites.

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