The Skinny Bones version of the site grouped content by type, with pages for workshops, guides, videos and labs.

With the move to Minimal Mistakes, we have taken the opportunity (and your feedback) to move to categories. We have an initial set of categories, such as Automation, Cloud Native, Data & AI, etc. as well as some additional areas for the more miscellaneous content such as pre-requisites. Now it is easier for everyone to find the content that they are interested in.

Nothing stands still for long in the dynamic world of public cloud, so do not be surprised if we change the categories over time.

Content Curators

We are also introducing the idea of content curators. As the site has been around for a while this has happened organically.

One of the principal responsibilities for the curators will be to help ensure that older material is re-evaluated to see if it is still relevant or if it should be updated or retired. A good example is the change from VSTS to Azure DevOps. Please note that this probably won’t extend to continually updating any screenshots as the portal etc. are updated so regularly. (If you see us use TBWTY, then that means That Button Wasn’t There Yesterday…)

We will also assess whether there is content that we think could or should be added. And site visitors can also make suggestions, although we should all be aware that this is a side project for the CSAs so content is more likely to be created if it is relevant to our partners.

If you are considering a new lab, then feel free to reach out to the curators first. It may be that the content exists elsewhere, is not right for the site or is already being created in a similar form by someone else. A quick conversation could save you time!

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