The Azure Citadel site is a GitHub Pages repository.

The content is predominantly held in markdown files (.md). When commits are made to the repository then the Jekyll engine is triggered and takes those files, the theme, config files, scss etc. and automatically generates the static HTML files that you see when you navigate to https://azurecitadel.com.

The initial version of the Azure Citadel site used the Skinny Bones theme and served us well for a time, but as we started to create more and richer content then we made the decision to move to the more functional Minimal Mistakes theme, and took the revamp as an opportunity to reorganise some of the content.

Below is a list of the enhancements that the revamp has introduced:

  • New domain name: azurecitadel.com
  • News section with Atom RSS feed
  • Category based structure
  • Integrated Azure Search
  • Three pane view
    • Left: Author and any custom navigation between pages
    • Centre: Lab content
    • Right: Navigation within a page
  • Enhanced author information

The first news page, https://azurecitadel.com/news/welcome/ covers the changes in more detail, and is useful context for those familiar with contributing to the site during the Skinny Bones period.

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