The main Azure portal is

Login using the account for your Azure subscription.

Create/Setup IoT Hub instance

IoT Hub is the cloud gateway, which is the entrypoint for your devices or field gateways to send messages to the Cloud.

  • Click on + create a resource in the top left corner of the portal
  • Select on Internet of Things in the newly opened blade
  • Select IoT Hub
  • Give a unique name for your IoT hub for e.g., iothubpractice (you can give the name of your choice)
  • Select the pricing tier, you can choose the F1 Free tier
  • Under IoT Hub Units enter 1 as units which determines the number of messages in your daily quota
  • For Device to Cloud partitions select 4 partitions - your messages will be divided into the configured number or partitions in the IoT Hub
  • Select your subscription, in my case it is Microsoft Azure Internal Subscription (Note: You might have a different subscription)
  • Resource Group - A resource group is a logical grouping of the resources which helps to easily manage the related resources. You can use any existing resource group or create a new one for e.g., iot_hub_labs_rg
  • Select the location as WEST EUROPE and click on create button - this may take few minutes to initialize your IoT Instance
    • You can navigate to the IoT Hub instance once created:
    • Notification bell is on the top right corner which shows the status of the IoT Hub setup, once completed;
    • Click on notification bell and click on Go to resource button
  • Congrats! you have now setup your IoT Hub instance


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Setup a device identity

  • Access the IoT Hub instance through the portal
    • Click on All Resources - this will list all the resources under your subscription
    • Select the IoT Hub instance created in previous step for e.g., iothubpractice
  • Scroll through the options in the newly opened blade and select IoT Devices
  • Click on + Add button
  • Give a unique device id say iot-practice-dev
  • Select authentication type as Symmettric Key
  • Check the Auto Generate Keys
  • Check the Enable under Connect device to IoT Hub
  • Click on save

(Next Steps - Optional) Simulate a device on your machine and send messages to your IoT Hub instance



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