Those partners that have been working with Microsoft for some time will be well aware of the playbooks. There are a number of these, such as the Cloud Modernisation & Migration Playbook.

They are designed to help partner accelerate their practice development, from market positioning, to recruitment and skills training and through to common solution and service descriptions.

The playbooks cover a number of bases, and therefore not every page in a playbook will be applicable to your practice and where you are driving your business. But there is always real value to be found within those pages and it may make you consider an area that would otherwise have been neglected.

Internet of Things

One of the significant growth areas for Azure is IoT and we have a number of services and vertically aligned solutions.

There are a significant percentage of partners that already have profitable IoT solutions in the market. Many more are conducting innovative proof of concept or pilot projects demonstrating real intent to join this quickly growing market.

So the new IoT Practice Playbook is very timely and very welcome.

If you are growing your practice capabilities and driving towards IoT solutions then grab a download.


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