Microsoft Terminal

Users of this site will know that we have a focus on open source and Linux, and there are plenty of prereq guides to help get your laptop configured for working effectively with the Azure interfaces and APIs.

At Build 2019 there was a lot of exciting new information in this area, some of which we will cover in the upcoming Cloud Connect session. One of those announcements was Windows Terminal, a new terminal that works with numerous shells, from Command Prompt and PowerShell through to the various distros (such as Ubuntu, openSUSE and supported with the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Build and Deploy Guide

A lot of people won’t care about a new terminal. And most will be willing to wait a few months until it arrives into the Windows Store. But for those of you who are as impatient as we are then head over to our Windows Terminal page for instructions on how to take the open sourced GitHub repo and build and deploy the application for yourself.

The page also includes additional links for the launch video, for the excellent Build 2019 webinar, for Scott Hanselman’s blog post and other resources we have found useful.



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