Create Windows Active Directory Forest

First we need to create a new Windows Active Directory Forest and Domain to use during this lab and we’ll utilise an ARM template to do all the hard work.

I will be creating a new on-premise Windows Active Directory domain called wildecompany.local. It’s common that an on-premise Windows Active Directory domain doesn’t always exactly match your public domain so in a future lab I will show an easy work around. e.g. Company.local for Windows Active Directory and for public domain can work together

  1. In the Azure Portal, search for and open Deploy a custom template

  1. Type in Active-directory-new-domain > Select Template

  1. Fill in the parameters requested > Purchase

My settings are below but you can customise it relevant to you:

  • Admin Username - domainadmin (in a production deployment it’s recommended to make this difficult to guess)
  • Resource Group - WildeCompany
  • Location - West Europe
  • Domain Name - wildecompany.local (the domain name requires a full stop)
  • Dns Prefix - wildecompany

Please note - The template can take up to 30minutes to deploy completely.

  1. Log into the virtual machine created by the template Resource Groups > WildeCompany > adVM > Connect

  1. In Server Manager Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers > right click on Users > New > Users > create a few dummy users.

I have created user1, user2, user3

We’ve now created an Active Directory Forest with a single Domain and multiple users.

Move onto the next lab Create Azure Active Directory.


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