The Microsoft Inspire 2019 event in Las Vegas (Jul 14th - 18th) was a massive success with a huge number of attendees from Microsoft and the partner network. It coincided with the fantastic Q4 results which highlights the growth of Azure and the role our partners play in driving that growth.

Head to the main landing page for Inspire 2019 to get access to news, videos and more.

The 28 page Inspire 2019 Book of News pdf is an invaluable digest for those of you struggling to keep pace with the avalanche of new announcements.

One of the major announcements for partners was Azure Lighthouse, transparently opening up granular multi tenant access and visibility and supporting more complex scenarios. This is a huge improvement and we will have a post of useful links coming out on Monday. You can also expect to see a host of new content building on the automation and governance labs so that you can automate as much as possible including the recognition for the impact and influence that you as partners have within your customer subscriptions. In the meantime, read the blog post from Mark Russinovich.

FY20 will also be the year of the migration, and two of the updates reinforce this.

  1. Introducing the Azure Migration Program
  2. Azure Migrate

The advances in Azure Migrate are significant. Those of you who have been on the early webinars will know that we were always heading towards a framework for assessment and migration and you can now choose between the first party Microsoft services, from the assessment and migration tools from our ISV partners or mix and match. Carbonite, Cloudamize, Corent, Device42, Turbonomic, and UnifyCloud are already integrated with Azure Migrate.

The native tooling has progressed, and can assess and migrate VMware, Hyper-V and physical servers (including VMs on other platforms such as Xen, or other hyperscale clouds such as GCP and AWS). We are working though some of the functionality ourselves to find any rough edges and may do a Community Call to cover the tooling and resources.

Azure is also a great platform for new and innovative solutions and you will see plenty of evidence for that in the Book of News. My favourite video from Inspire was the translation “hologram” using neural TTS. Obviously pre-recorded - and I don’t think anyone can blame Julia White for taking the safe route given the size of audience - but an impressive showcase of the new technology all the same. Check it out!


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