We work with a large number of partners in the UK, and many have found the content on Citadel invaluable in accelerating their practices. We also like the fact that this is a community site rather than an official Microsoft site and therefore it enables us to have a different relationship with you as consumers and contributors to the site.

Having said all that, the material on here is only ever meant to be complementary to some of the official resources that are available and we regularly point our partners to that content. For those of you who have stumbled across Citadel then you might not be aware of the following areas.

Microsoft Learn

The Microsoft Learn area has a number of fantastic modules, and some of the key content is organised into learning paths so that you can move your way through the bite sized chunks sensibly. The Azure Fundamentals learning path is very aligned to the AZ-900 exam so that is a good place to start.

Your progress is gamified, so you can earn XP against your ID and start levelling up. Great for showing the boss how much progress you’ve made when you are skilling up on Azure. The site works as a useful training portal too, with links to the hands on labs, Pluralsight and instructor led training as well.

Hands On Labs

The Hands On Labs library that allows self-paced learning on key topics. These tend to be quite involved (i.e. longer then than the bite sized Microsoft Learn content) but feedback from customers and partners globally is really strong.

These are great for getting your hands dirty with the technology and going a little deeper in an area. And as they spin up training environments it enables content that we could not easily do on Citadel, such as the ASR hands on labs with the automatic creation of the source environment.

Cloud Workshops

Some of our partners have taken content from Citadel and used that with their customers and we actively encourage that. Those sessions create greater understanding of Azure and help to address the skills gap, driving greater adoption of the platform.

There is an official Microsoft Cloud Workshop resource that you might not be aware of that can help you in this area. It is a community sharing experience helping to accelerate the delivery of customer and partner workshops based on specific key topics.

You will find links to the various GitHub repos provided and the community is encouraged to contribute.

This is a far from exhaustive list, but you will find plenty of worthwhile material here. Feel free to add to the comments below if you have found other resources that you have found particularly useful.


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