OK, so in the cloud world, there is one container orchestrator that monopolises the conversation: Kubernetes. Other orchestrators like Docker Swarm and Mesosphere DC/OS are falling back as the open source project has consolidated its position as the de facto standard.

All of the hyperscale cloud providers have managed Kubernetes services, and the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is ours. It is one of the fastest growing services on Azure and the number of customers using the platform is absolutely sky-rocketing.

Anyone that listened to the Cloud Connect recording will be aware of how much development activity is being poured into AKS from the product team. This includes virtual nodes, multiple pools, Windows container support, policies, network traffic control, event driven container scale out, etc.

Kubernetes is definitely one of the hottest technologies around, and one that many visitors to this site are already comfortable with. But if you have not jumped on board yet and are concerned about being left behind then there is good news.

Kubernetes Learning Path

The importance of Kubernetes and AKS to Microsoft is evident in the quality of the new Kubernetes Learning Path that has been put together.

Kubernetes Learning Path

The learning path will take you from Kubernetes core concepts all the way through to managing large scale Kubernetes clusters with AKS.

There is some great material here and Kubernete’s co-founder Brendan Burns has been directly involved in the material and presents many of the videos. Enjoy!


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