First of all, a very happy new year to you all! We have some new blood coming onboard into the UK One Commercial Partner team in Microsoft UK, so look out for some new content authors on this site in the coming months. (Don’t forget that you can contribute yourself.)

PAL and Lighthouse Webinar

As you know this site is open to all, but was principally created to help UK partners working on the Azure platform. Many of those are managed service providers (MSPs), working on a mix of customer subscriptions including Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Direct (PAYG), plus a myriad of older offer types.

The CSP subscriptions automatically confer Admin on Behalf Of (AOBO) access, plus automated recognition of the Azure Consumed Revenue (ACR) that goes through that transaction flow. But how do we recognise where partners have influence via their managed services into EA and Direct customer subscriptions? (Hint - it’s Partner Admin Link!) And how does the new Azure Lighthouse service work in combination with PAL for true multi-tenancy management for MSPs?

Many of the partners that are managed out of the UK subsidiary are aware of a webinar we run on Wed 8th 13:00 - 14:30 GMT, which was open to anyone that has an MPN.

The session was recorded including captioning!

Webinar Recording

Azure Lighthouse and PAL Deep Dive & AMA Recording Link

Maximising your partner recognition is more important than ever. Understand how to configure Partner Admin Link for managed services and trigger recognition and incentives for your managed services.

  • How does PAL work with directory accounts, security principals and guest IDs?
  • How many of my admins need to link?
  • For each customer?
  • Each subscription?
  • How does it work when you have a Lighthouse delegation?

We went into some detail and took your questions in the AMA (Ask Me Anything) section.​


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