New ServerlessTwitterBot Lab

We have a nice, short lab from our very own Phil Harvey that is great as an introduction to Azure Serverless, creating a Logic App workflow with integration points, plus how simple it is to leverage GitHub Actions for CI/CD pipelines. Most cloud literate people should rattle through it in an hour or two and it is a great introduction to those services, plus how vscode can interact with them.

If you want to try the lab out then you can use our landing page, or head straight to Phil’s repo.

If you don’t want to spam your Twitter account then you can always get the Logic App workflow to trigger a custom email to yourself instead!

Microsoft Reactor session in London

If you would rather run through it with Phil and his group of, ahem, rather talented proctors then come to our event on Tuesday 18th Feb at the Microsoft Reactor in London. It is a great opportunity to get some space and time for some learning, and you can engage with is on where you are and where you’re heading. If you are like me then I always prefer to dedicated some time to learn and to do so with others.

Places are filling up fast so get registered!


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