Introduction to AI

5 minute read

Join Azure Dan in a series of short videos covering topics on Azure related to Artificial Intelligence.

WVD Walkthrough

1 minute read

Join Azure Dan in a series of short videos for the Windows Virtual Desktop solutions on Azure.

Azure Fundamentals

less than 1 minute read

Don’t know where to start? Let Azure Dan show you.


4 minute read

Work through this set of labs to build up your core understanding of network configuration in Azure.

Serverless Twitter Bot

8 minute read

Set up a Twitter bot with Azure Serverless and GitHub Actions from a standing start to full Continuous Delivery (CD).

Docker For Beginners

29 minute read

This hands on lab covers the very basics of Docker, building and running images, what a Dockerfile is etc. We also explore some Azure container services, suc...

Using Packer and Ansible

3 minute read

Collection of labs using Packer and Ansible to automate VM image creation and management

Azure Lighthouse

3 minute read

Azure Lighthouse enables service providers to automate and scale

SAP Systems Journey to Azure

17 minute read

Learn about SAP Systems journey to Azure & and how that unlocks Innovation by Integration with Azure Services.


11 minute read

Standard machine configuration for the automation labs

Azure Policy and Initiatives

3 minute read

Governance starts with policy compliance. Work through these labs to make Azure Policy and Initiatives work for you.

Windows Terminal

7 minute read

Build and deploy the new open sourced Windows Terminal