Terraform Enterprise

Terraform Enterprise extends the standard Terraform capabilities and workflow to provider a richer set of functionality. It is well suited to enterprise environments that require more collaboration and governance features.

Key features:

  • Self service workflow
  • Collaboration for teams
  • Powerful ACLs and auditing
  • Runs Terraform for you from the browser GUI
  • Control the Terraform version in line with your versioned providers and Terraform files
  • Prevent concurrent changes
  • Integrate with SCM platforms (e.g. GitHub, BitBucket, GitLabs)
  • View history of changes
  • Enforce policies with Sentinel

This video shows some of the key concepts, including the forking of environments from standard definitions, embedded customer environment variables, etc.

Note that the standard Terraform executable itself is free to use. Terraform Enterprise has a Pro and Premium tier, depending on the required level of features.

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